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Am I required to have all my preceptors and sites secured before I apply to KADDI?

  • Yes if you apply for first-round match. We know it is difficult to secure sites and preceptors. However, you must have places to go and people to precept you lined up before we will review your application submitted through DICAS for the fall or spring match. 

  • Second round match exception: If you apply and are accepted through second round match, KADDI will allow you until June 1st  (spring match) or December 1st (fall match) to secure preceptors and complete a rotation schedule. 

What supplemental information do I need to include on DICAS?

  • a facility form for each place you intend to do a rotation 

  • a preceptor form for each person you expect to supervise you 

  • evidence of continuing education for each preceptor (certification as RDN or NDTR, School Nutrition Service, IBCLC, RN, CHES, resume, copy of license if applicable, ServSafe® certificate, etc.)

  • a completed rotation schedule

Is there a tuition payment plan?

Total tuition and cost of Program:  $10,895

Payment Schedule                Amount Due                Spring Match                Fall Match

*Deposit                                   $895                                April 10                            Nov 10            

Payment #1                             $5,000                             June 15                            Dec 15            

Payment #2                             $5,000                             Aug 15                              Jan 15                

Does KADDI participate in federal financial aid programs?

  • No, not at this time

  • Please have your financing arranged before you accept the appointment

  • Applicants have accepted appointments and then tried to arrange bank loans. This does not work and sometimes the individual has had to drop out. 

What if I already have student loans?

  • We are happy to provide an enrollment letter for loan deferment and a signed in-school deferment request. Please provide the appropriate form.

What is your pass rate on the RD exam? 

  • 95%

  • Results are from most recent Pearson VUE for testers within one year of first attempt. ACEND requires programs to achieve >80% to maintain accreditation.

  • It is the policy of the Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship Program to be as transparent as possible. Program outcomes data including the number of applicants, number of interns admitted completion rate, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist exam pass rate and all tuition and fee information is available upon request. Please email the dietetic internship program director at

What happens if a rotation falls through during the program?

  • The KADDI program director will help as much as possible, but the intern is responsible for finding a new rotation site and preceptor in a geographic location suitable to the intern. This circumstance could lead to a delay in finishing the program, but the intern will not be dismissed.

If I don't have my rotation calendar finalized will that penalize my standing in the application process for KADDI?

  • No. Our application process is based on the qualifications for the program not the status of your rotation calendar. 

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