We appreciate your willingness to serve as a preceptor for our dietetic interns. Preceptors play a critical role in the success of our internship and our interns. We express our gratitude for your time and dedication to precepting and advancing the field of dietetics.

Listed below is the KADDI preceptor handbook, describing the mission, goals, program outcomes, responsibilities as a preceptor, and how to reach the program director. The handbook also provides information regarding the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND). During the internship, our interns perform core competencies by completing assignments during their supervised practice. The handbook provides step-by-step detailed instructions on how preceptors are expected to grade these assignments with an example rubric showing an assignment with its associated competencies. The preceptor handbook also contains the internship policies. KADDI expects the highest level of effort and professionalism from our interns. 

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Facility Site Form
Site form to be submitted after an intern has secured a rotation facility with a preceptor.

Preceptor Form

All preceptors must complete this form and provide evidence of continued competency appropriate to precepting responsibilities (examples given on the form) and copy of their license if applicable.

Preceptor Typhon Link

Link to Typhon login page. Evaluation forms pertaining to each rotation setting (B&E, Clinical, Community, Food Service) can be filled out and submitted online via Typhon.


"Keith and Associates has been great to work with. They have always sent us interns that are ready to jump into things and learn fast! They each have shown great initiative, confidence, and passion when they rotate with us. We have been so thankful for our great interns and look forward to having more from Keith and Associates in the future!"

– Emily Settler, RD, LD, March 2021

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Our Preceptors Can Earn CPEU Credit Hours!

We want to thank all of our incredible preceptors for the job they are doing helping shape the RDNs of the future. As KADDI preceptors, we realize you work hard helping guide our interns through what it takes to become competent, capable, and confident RDNs. In return, KADDI wants to provide you with opportunities to receive free CPEUs! Below is a list of links provided to help make the process easier.

*Note: Preceptors cannot receive more than 3 CPEUs per year, even if they precept more than one student. CPEUs are based on the total amount of precepting hours, not students.

Preceptor Confirmation & Self-Reflection Form

The preceptor must complete the Preceptor Confirmation & Self-Reflection Form provided by the program director. The form must be signed and dated by the ACEND accredited program director. This can be completed by sending the form to KADDI@consultingdietitians.com 

*The form should be retained by the preceptor as documentation to be submitted to CDR if audited.

Dietetics Preceptor Training Program Overview

The Dietetics Preceptor Training Program helps preceptors of dietetics students prepare for and excel in their important roles as teachers, coaches, and mentors. This free training was formally provided on the Commission on Dietetic Registration website. The complimentary training awards participants with 8.0 CPEUs.

Being an Effective Preceptor - Webinar Video - Part I

Webinar video where upon completion you may fill out the form below to earn 1 CPEU. This program is approved for RDs, RDNs, DTRs, and NDTRs under Activity Type 175 in accordance with CDR guidelines.

Being an Effective Preceptor - CPEU Certificate - Part I

Complete this form after watching the first webinar to earn 1 CPEU.

Being an Effective Preceptor - Webinar Video - Part II

Second webinar video where upon completion you may fill out the form below to earn 1 CPEU.

Being an Effective Preceptor - CPEU Certificate - Part II

Complete this form after watching the second webinar to earn 1 CPEU.