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Get credit for job or volunteer experiences

PAL requests should be made prior to admission into the program.  The applicant must submit the following by email to Incomplete applications may not be evaluated.

  1. Job title and employer, dates of service, detailed description of activities completed.

  2. Job description or letter from supervisor of each job or volunteer experience stating that you did the things you listed in the PAL application.

  3. Examples of projects completed (menus, recipe developed, client education material, group class outline with learning objectives, theme meal or catered event flyer or pictures, etc.) that demonstrate accomplishment of SEL competencies.

  4. Schedule a meeting with the KADDI director to discuss the application.

  5. Provide any additional materials requested by the director or PAL committee.

  6. In order to have a whole rotation waived, applicants must pass a domain test with score of ≥75%.


Applicants may earn prior assessed learning credits for the following categories and activities:


  • Training sessions that the applicant has prepared and led (e.g., employee in-service)

  • Menus written (must be at least one week in length)

  • Recipes and developed (standardized, tested, evaluated)

  • Special events planned (e.g., themed events that included menu, production plan, costing, etc.)

  • Safety, sanitation, or quality audits (describe when and where)

  • Inventory, purchasing, storage activities

  • Productivity improvement projects (include outcomes)


  • Community needs assessment

  • Program development and implementation

  • New curriculum development and group teaching (include learning objectives and description of how outcomes were evaluated; does not include classes taught using existing curriculum)

  • Educational handouts or other materials developed (does not include those developed by agencies and used)

  • Summary of nutrition counseling delivered (tell when, where, for what) with strategy used (e.g., trans theoretical model, motivational interviewing, etc.)


Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Business plan you have written

  • Link to website you developed

  • Examples of social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)



  • KADDI will not grant PAL credit for clinical activities


The program director will evaluate PAL requests and provide feedback within three weeks of receipt. The internship awards PAL credit in lieu of assignments in the curriculum. Generally, up to 300 of the 1000 hours (30%) supervised practice hours may be granted as PAL. However, individuals who have attained state licensure as a dietitian or nutritionist by taking and passing the Commission for Dietetic Registration’s (CDR) RDN exam within the past five years may be granted up to 600 hours PAL credit. If applicable, the applicant must provide evidence that they took and passed the CDR exam administered by Pearson Vue (e.g., a copy of the results showing the passing score). 

The decision of the program manager about PAL credit is final. Applicants may submit the application prior to matching. The program will review it, decide how many (if any) hours can be granted as PAL. Then the applicant can use that information when planning the rotation calendar. There is no reduction in tuition if PAL hours are awarded.


Prior Assessed Learning (PAL) for Graduate Coursework

Beginning January 1, 2023, all students completing assignments in a graduate level or higher degree program may submit their assignment(s) if they meet the same competencies in comparison to the KADDI internship assignments.   You will submit your coursework to be evaluated by a KADDI faculty instructor to receive credit to meet the competencies for that assignment.   If your assignment does not meet the competencies, you will not be awarded PAL for that assignment.  No more than 50% of assignments may be submitted for PAL per each rotation.  Supervised practice hours will not be awarded for assignments from a graduate level course used to replace an internship assignment.

Prior Assessed Learning Application Form

Use this form to request PAL credit. You may submit it before you apply and we will evaluate it and let you know how many hours will be waived. This will aid you when planning the rotation schedule.

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