There are many advantages to a distance internship. KADDI may even be a money saver because you do not have to relocate for a year or more. If you cannot move for supervised practice, or if you want to custom-design your own program in several sites, KADDI may be for you. We have an excellent curriculum and processes in place to help you and your preceptors. We are as flexible as possible within the ACEND standards and guidelines.

In a distance internship, you are responsible for identifying your own preceptors and sites. However, KADDI will execute affiliation contracts with the facilities on your behalf. Please see the Apply & Forms tab for more information about how this works.

Keith & Associates follows U.S. Department of Education Guidance Issued on Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services. KADDI will collect and maintain only the data necessary to fulfill its duties in executing affiliation agreements and meeting ACEND standards. The program will de-identify any data used for product development, research, marketing or other purposes. We will not transfer de-identified data to any other party. In the event of a security or privacy incident including personally identifiable information, KADDI will immediately notify the student or graduate. The program takes precautions to ensure intern privacy and positively identify interns during distance learning and testing. Exams are proctored by Examity and there is a $8 fee for each proctored exam.

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