Affiliation Agreements

KADDI must have an affiliation agreement for every place an intern will go. You are not responsible for getting these, the program will do it for you. We ask you to complete a facility form so we have information about the person who has the legal authority to sign agreements on behalf of the facility. 

We are happy to execute contracts with new places.  Please submit a facility form.

Facilities and Preceptors
This doc gives information about requirements for facilities and preceptors.

Facilities and Preceptors Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet contains past preceptors as well as facilities we have agreements with.

Preceptor E-mail

This is an example e-mail you may use as a template to e-mail your preceptors.

Tips for Locating Preceptors

Need help finding preceptors? Check out these tips!

Facility Site Form
Submit this for a new facility.

Preceptor Form

All preceptors must complete this form and provide evidence of continued competency appropriate to precepting responsibilities (examples given on the form) and copy of their license if applicable.