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Testimonials from Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship (KADDI) interns!

Look at what our past KADDI interns have said about the internship experience they have enjoyed and why they would recommend other future students to apply to Keith & Associates, Inc.! 

The flexibility and support that KADDI provides is one-of-a-kind. As a second-career intern, the professionalism of KADDI, the resources they provide, and the program assignments set you up for success. I feel prepared to start my private practice and help others live a happy, healthy life. 

-Jessica Abell, Winter 2023 Intern

I’m so grateful that I matched with KADDI and ended up being a KADDI Intern as I really felt like this experience was 100% individualized and personal to my dietetic journey and allowed me to go at my own pace and be fully prepared for the RD exam!

- Brianna Cannova, Winter 2023 Intern

KADDI was one of the best things to happen on my journey to become an RD. I loved the sense of community they fostered by having us fly to Tulsa for the 4-day orientation, the monthly Zoom meetings, and the Journal Club meetings. I met some of my best friends during the KADDI orientation and I am forever grateful for that.

- Summer 2022 Intern

KADDI has helped me transition from education and books to hands-on practice. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence during my internship experience. The incredible staff at KADDI held my hand through each step of the way and gave me the optimal support and encouragement needed to get through to the finish line! Thank you for everything!

- Summer 2022 Intern

Everyone at KADDI has been great! Orientation in Tulsa was an amazing learning experience and I loved hearing from previous interns! The pre-clinical assignments, while tedious to put together, were extremely valuable during the clinical rotation! All of the resources KADDI has provided I have used at some point during this internship and I appreciate the time and energy that I know went into creating them! I've been so impressed with how smoothly everything has gone and now I'm torn between being happy that I'm finally done and sad that it's already over when I feel like I just started my first rotation yesterday! Regardless, I feel confident to take the RD exam, and I'll be forever grateful for being in the KADDI program and for having such an all-around incredible experience with everyone at KADDI!

- Summer 2022 Intern

KADDI allowed me to keep my business while working on my DI. As one of the few internships that allow this, I think its extremely important that students know this because having an entrepreneurship focus KADDI may attract those who already have a business or are working towards making it happen. Having the flexibility in time to do so is extremely important.

- Winter 2022 Intern

KADDI was my top choice and I was glad to be accepted to my top pick. They fit my military lifestyle by being flexible. After getting into the program and starting my hours and meeting everyone KADDI was more than I expected and by far excellent. I have and would highly recommend this internship to anyone looking.

- Winter 2022 Intern

If it wasn't for the KADDI internship I don't think I would be an RD today. I graduated college over 10 years ago. I have 3 kids, and a military spouse. I needed an internship that I could complete in a small town without having to commute. I really could not have asked for a better experience. I learned so much and had the support I needed. Thank you KADDI for giving me to opportunity to change my life.

- Winter 2022 Intern

KADDI was the perfect fit for me, it allowed me to have a flexible part-time schedule and to find preceptors that fit with my interests. I would highly recommend if you are a self-starter and have a clear idea of what you want to do.

- KADDI Intern

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