KADDI Tuition and Fees


Compensation and Loan Deferments POLICY

The Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship program does not offer financial aid, scholarships, stipends or compensate students who are enrolled. KADDI does not participate in federal student financial assistance programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education.  Some, but not all, lenders will allow educational loan payments to be deferred during the internship with a letter stating that the internship leads to eligibility to take the Registration Examination for Dietitians/Nutritionists.

After matching when the intern returns the signed enrollment agreement and first tuition payment, KADDI will provide upon the student’s request:

  • Official letter with effective dates of enrollment, program accreditation and licensure status and a statement that the program provides the supervised practice experience required in order to earn the verification statement needed to take the Registration Exam for Registration Dietitian Nutritionists that is required prior to entry into the profession.

  • A link to more information about deferment and forbearance related to federal student aid

  • Office of Management and Budget in-school deferment request form (blank)

  • Scanned copy of the page with program start and end dates that is signed by the program director


Any external financing (e.g. bank loans) must be arranged prior to accepting the appointment. 

KADDI interns who enroll in the optional masters degree programs may apply for financial aid through the University of Central Arkansas or the University of Alabama.