Program Application Overview

  • Two tracks are available: full-time (40 hours per week) and part-time (20 or more hours per week)

    • Combined MS/ DI FT track is available with both the University of Alabama and University of Central Arkansas 

    • Combined MS/ DI PT track is only available with University of Central Arkansas  

  • The part-time option is flexible and especially suited to interns who want to continue work or have a family.  

  • Part-time interns are expected to dedicate 20 or more hours per week onsite or spent on coursework. 

  • The application process is the same for full- and part-time tracks

  • Intern may choose which track they desire after being matched

  • For both tracks, you will need to complete 1000 total hours

  *Combined MS/ DI Starting in January 2023 for all PT students*

Qualifications for Applicants

Required Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

  • Grade point average in nutrition courses of ≥ 3.0/4.0 scale

  • Bachelor's degree or higher.  Beginning in 2024,  students will be required to be admitted into graduate school or possess a graduate degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  

  • Original verification statement from accredited DPD program in dietetics (may be delivered after graduation if DPD is in progress)

  • Official transcript from university with highest earned degree posted on it (may be delivered after graduation if DPD is in progress)

  • Work or volunteer experience

  • Excellent references

  • NDTR 


  • KADDI participates in both spring and fall match cycles​​

  • The DICAS website is accessed at

  • Their email is

  • The timeline for the DICAS application process is available through DICAS website

  • The fee to use DICAS is $50 for the first application submitted and $25 for each additional application

  • Include supplemental materials (rotation spreadsheet, preceptor and facility forms) in DICAS application

Supplemental Materials to Include with DICAS Application

1. Rotation schedule

  • Download the rotation schedule template on calendar page. Choose either the full- or part-time schedule worksheet (do not submit both).

  • Arrange rotations in any order (clinical rotations preferred towards the end of internship)

  • A sample rotation schedule is included along with rotation schedule template

  • Submit proposed rotation schedule with DICAS application (attach as one document as supplemental material)

  • Excel files must be converted to pdf in order to submit with DICAS application.

  • If matched to KADDI, you will need to submit the original Excel rotation schedule to

2. Preceptor information

  • Download the KADDI preceptor form located on the Forms & Downloads page.

  • Submit all forms with DICAS application (attach as one document as supplemental material)

  • Submit one for each preceptor you will use

  • If the preceptor has worked with KADDI before, include the form anyway. We need to know that their name, address, phone and email are unchanged. You will need this information, too.

3. Facility information

  • Download the KADDI facility form located on the Forms & Downloads page.

  • Submit all forms with DICAS application (attach as one document as supplemental material)

  • Submit a completed KADDI facility form for each place you intend to complete  rotation sites

  • We must have the contact information for the person responsible for signing legal contracts for students who do rotations there

  • You do not need to get an affiliation agreement - KADDI will do this on your behalf

  • If the facility wants to take care of an affiliation contract before they agree to accept you as an intern, email the program director at Our staff will handle it.


You may wait until after you are matched to KADDI before you submit all required information for the business and entrepreneurship rotation. The facility and preceptor forms and evidence of competency appropriate to precepting responsibilities must be sent to KADDI a minimum of 8 weeks prior to when you schedule the rotation. 

4. Prior Assessed Learning

  • ​ Download the KADDI PAL application located on the Forms & Downloads page.

  •  Prior assessed learning will be accepted up to 30 days post match day 

Pre-Select Option

KADDI will offer a pre-select option for University of Alabama students who have completed, be enrolled in, or accepted into the MS in Human Nutrition program at the University of Alabama with intentions to complete the degree program.

Applicants for the pre-select option must meet the same criteria as all other applicants to the program.   Our KADDI program qualifications are listed above.  


Each year the program will accept up to 20 students through the pre-select option.  For students who wish to apply to the pre-select program, the deadline is January 10 with early notification date of January 25.  Accepted students must confirm acceptance by February 1.


D&D Digital

  • What is D & D Digital

  • Matching service that is used to match applicants to the best possible program

  • After you submit your application through DICAS, you will need to do the following:

  • Register with D & D Digital

  • Obtain a username & password

  • Rank the programs you applied to in order of preference

  • Programs rank applicants they want in order of preference

  • Computer matching algorithm begins & matches the highest ranking applicant with their highest ranking program, if space is available



Download this document for tips on submitting your DICAS application.

How Does the Matching Process Work?

Download this document to see an example of how matching works.

Second Round Match

If unfilled positions remain after the first round, the program will participate in second round matching. During that period, KADDI will also accept applications from individuals who did not submit through DICAS (e.g. if someone applied only to an internship or future education model program that does not utilize DICAS and was not matched).

Second round match instructions:

1.  Contact the program director at to express interest

2.  Make your application available to KADDI in DICAS

3.  If the program makes an appointment offer, you must submit the enrollment agreement and the 

     $895 deposit 72 hours of your acceptance

4.  You will have extended time to secure preceptors and rotation sites

Second Round Forms

Submit PAL application (located on the Forms & Downloads page) as soon as possible after accepting the appointment.  Applications will be accepted up to 30 days post-acceptance into the program. 

Deadline for 2nd Round Forms

Spring - June 1st 

Fall - December 1st