Why does KADDI require an aptitude exam?


  • It is a best practice to increase diversity - we give the exam instead of holding a face-to-face interview
  • We use results to improve our curriculum so we can better prepare interns for the RD exam
  • It gives applicants whose grades may have been lower due to working, participating in sports, personal or family circumstances an opportunity to show what they know
  • Unlike the GRE, the KADDI aptitude exam tests domain knowledge specific to food and nutrition  

Don't be afraid of the aptitude test!

You can do it!

  • All applicants are required to take the exam
  • Exam score is a small part of the total selection criteria
  • A low score may not keep you from being selected.
  • A high score works in your favor.
  • The program will send out information about taking the exam to all applicants within a week after the date DICAS closes
  • Per U.S. Department of Education and ACEND guidelines, the exam is proctored. KADDI has contracted Examity to proctor the test and applicants must pay a $25 fee 
  • Those applying for second round match will also be required to take the exam
  • There are 100 questions including principles of dietetics (25%), nutrition care of individuals and groups (40%), management (21%) and foodservice (14%)
  • You may use a handheld calculator and have a piece of blank paper and a pen or pencils
  • Time allowed is one hour and 40 minutes. That is an average of a minute per question.
  • If an applicant previously received special accommodation for extended testing time and can provide documentation, the program will honor the request
  • There are no "do-overs" on the exam
  • You will immediately get your total score and a break-down by domain score after you finish.

When do you take the exam?

Here is an example of a report.

 When DICAS closes the program director will send you information about how to register with EXAMITY and schedule the aptitude test

If you prefer to take the exam before DICAS closes, contact KADDI@consultingdietitians.com 

Should I study for the exam?

Most people do not study prior to taking the exam. However, should you choose to do so, the best way is to use an RDN exam prep package. Below is a list of exam prep materials that we have recommended to our interns when they are studying for the RDN exam. The list is in no particular order.