Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is KADDI program director Patti Landers. Call her at 918-574-8598 if you have a question. She is glad to talk to you on weekends or in the evening before 9 pm central time.

Am I required to have all my preceptors and sites secured before I apply to KADDI?

  • Yes if you apply for first round match. We know it is difficult to secure sites and preceptors. However, you must have places to go and people to precept you lined up before we will review your application submitted through DICAS for the fall or spring match. 
  • Second round match exception: If you apply and are accepted through second round match, KADDI will allow you until June 1  (spring match) or December 8th (fall match) to secure preceptors and complete a rotation schedule. Second round match appointees do not sign an enrollment agreement or make the first tuition payment until the program has screened and approved all materials.

What supplemental information do I need to include on DICAS?

  • facility form for each place you intend to do a rotation 
  • preceptor form for each person you expect to supervise you 
  • evidence of continuing education for each preceptor
  • completed rotation schedule
  • find more information on the Apply and Forms tab

Is there a tuition payment plan?

  • Tuition is split into two payments. The first payment of $5,375 (includes a $1,295 non-refundable deposit) is due with your signed enrollment agreement one week after match date
  • The second payment is due on the first day of orientation in Tulsa
  • There is no other tuition payment plan. Interns should have financing arranged before accepting the appointment.

Does KADDI participate in federal financial aid programs?

  • No, not at this time
  • Please have your financing arranged before you accept the appointment
  • Applicants have accepted appointments and then tried to arrange bank loans. This does not work and sometimes the individual has had to drop out. 

What if I already have student loans?

  • We are happy to provide an enrollment letter for loan deferment and a signed in-school deferment request. Please provide the appropriate form.

Does KADDI have agreements with any masters degree programs?

  • Not at this time. We award a certificate at completion and a verification statement. 

What is Candidacy Accreditation? Is the program accredited and will I get my verification statement?

  • Yes. Candidacy accreditation means that the program submitted an eligibility application review and self study (2016) and had an on-site visit (January 2017). These steps allow ACEND® to verify the proposed program is progressing toward compliance with the Accreditation Standards and demonstrates institutional readiness to implement the proposed program. After the ACEND® Board grants Candidacy for Accreditation status to a proposed program, the program may enroll students. Students on premises and enrolled after Candidacy is granted will be considered graduates of an accredited program upon successful completion of the program. (
  • KADDI submitted a self-study in March and had a site visit for full accreditation in July of 2019. We were very encouraged by the oral exit summary and have submitted the program response. The ACEND board is scheduled to act on the reviewers' recommendation at the January 2020 meeting. 

What is your pass rate on the RD exam? 

  • It is the policy of the Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship Program to be as transparent as possible. Program outcomes data including the number of applicants, number of interns admitted completion rate, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist exam pass rate and all tuition and fee information is available upon request. Please email the dietetic internship program director at

What is the aptitude exam, when is it given and  should I prepare?

  • Find more about this under Apply and Forms tab
  • There are 100 multiple choice questions and it is structured like the RD exam: 25% principles of dietetics, 40% nutrition care of groups and individuals, 21% management and 14% foodservice. 
  • Everyone who applies to KADDI must take this exam and there will be a $35 charge for an online proctor. You get your score at the end and it will also give you a breakdown of how you did in each domain. It can be very helpful to know your areas that are strong as well as where you need improvement.
  • We will only review your DICAS application if you score 65% or better on the exam.
  • The average aptitude exam score of applicants who are matched to the past three classes was 75%. Range for those admitted in summer 2019 was 66% - 88%.
  • If you score poorly, you may not have a second chance to take the exam during the same match cycle. 
  • If you provide documentation of special accommodations needed for a learning disability, KADDI will set that up for you.
  • You may need to work on your test-taking skills for multiple choice exams. We also recommend that you get an RDN exam prep program and review the material. Then reapply during the next match cycle.

What happens if a rotation falls through during the program?

  • Although it is rare, unfortunately this happens. The KADDI program director will help as much as possible, but the intern is responsible for finding a new rotation site and preceptor in a geographic location suitable to the intern. This circumstance could lead to a delay in finishing the program, but the intern will not be dismissed.

Can KADDI help with a student visa?