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Preceptor Requirements

Appropriate Sites

Someone who can mentor you to:

  1. Write a business plan
  2. Develop a webpage
  3. Use social media for marketing
  • RDN in private practice
  • Attorney
  • Accountant
  • Small business owner
  • Gym
  • Retail establishment 


Before you start with the preceptor you’ll have forty hours of case studies and simulations to prepare you to do the assignments. These must be completed before you can work with your mentor. Examples include:

  • Review websites (identify the good, the bad, what is evidence-based and what is not)
  • Set up a Linked In account. Write a blog and post it on your Linked-In page
  • Make an Instagram post (your KADDI clinical instructor will review and approve it so we can put it up on the KADDI account)
  • Review a book about how to write a business plan (it is not a long one and you do not have to have a Harvard MBA to understand it)

Eight weeks before you begin your on-site rotation you must secure a preceptor. It is best if they are local and you can go to their business. However, distance relationships can work, too.

Four weeks before you begin, you and the preceptor will write and agree on a contract (KADDI has a template). It contains

  • A schedule of tasks you will do (define the deliverables)
  • Due dates for each task
  • Dates when the preceptor will give you feedback

The program director reviews and approves the contract.

When you start with the preceptor you will have three major assignments, plus what the preceptor has contracted with you to do for them. Often they will allow you to have enriching experiences like helping with billing or doing research and developing client education materials. The required assignments are:

  • Write a business plan for yourself
  • Develop a website for your proposed business
  • Experiment with social media (this is usually done for the preceptor’s business)

The preceptor evaluates you on the assignments 

You evaluate the preceptor and the rotation.

Ideas for your B&E project

KADDI is special because the program concentration is business and entrepreneurship. Whether you aspire to start your own business or go to work in a traditional setting, you can learn skills here that are useful to promote yourself and good nutrition.

  • consulting in health care facilities
  • private practice for MNT by physician referral
  • corporate wellness
  • food and fitness coaching
  • telehealth
  • ServSafe training and proctoring
  • restaurant menu analysis and recipe development
  • working with major food and supply vendors
  • women's networking groups
  • dietitians in alternative medicine practices
  • contract development and legal support
  • speaker and media expert
  • author/writer
  • food blogger
  • technology and social media
  • lactation consultant
  • grocery store dietitian
  • health coach
  • whatever can you dream!