In order to graduate and receive a verification statement, interns must:

  • Complete a minimum of 1212 hours including prior assessed learning (PAL) credit if any
  • Finish all assignments in the curriculum (except any waived for PAL)
  • Meet each ACEND competency for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (CRDNs) one or more times
  • Pass the final exam (or have attempted it three times)
  • Have a zero financial balance

Interns do not return to Tulsa for a graduation ceremony. Within two weeks after the intern meets program completion requirements, the program director issues the verification statement and submits the candidate’s name and email to CDR’s Registration Eligibility Processing System (REPS). The candidate receives an email from REPS to complete demographic information (address, phone, date of birth, mother’s maiden name). Then the program uploads a scan of required documents (DPD and DI verification statements and transcript with highest earned degree posted) and submits to CDR. Information is usually processed quickly and within two weeks the candidate is notified by Pearson Vue how they can schedule the RDN exam. Cost to Pearson Vue is $200. If the candidate fails the exam, they must wait 45 days and pay the fee again before reattempting.

KADDI provides the following to graduates:

  • RDNE/RDE Misuse Policy
  • Name/Address Change Form
  • Exam Preparation – RD
    • 2017 Registration Examination for Dietitians Handbook for Candidates
    • 2017 RDN Study Outline
    • Study Guide for the Registration Examination for Dietitians, 10th Ed. can be purchased from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ online store (cost $60 and includes a print copy of the 125-question practice exam and two vouchers to use to access the online test)
    • Link to the KADDI Google Drive that has exam review materials written by the program
    • Five dietetic internship verification statements with original signatures
    • Certificate of Completion
    • RDN pin when the graduate notifies the program director that they have passed the exam