KADDI graduate comments from the exit survey

I think that KADDI was the perfect match for me, I was able to customize my internship and have a unique experience personalized for me! Patti was a great resource and mentor during the whole process-I couldn't have asked for a better program.-Bridget Henderson, RD, LD

KADDI is a wonderful distance program. I felt well supported at all times! Tiffany Spring 2018

This internship was exactly what I had hoped for and more. Patti is compassionate about what she does and she truly cares about each and every one of her interns. Even before match day, I felt like this was where I belonged. This internship was very accommodating as I was able to finish a month early. I passed the RDN exam on the first try and was able to get a job at one of my previous rotations! I'm going to have to visit Oklahoma one day to see Patti and everyone at Keith and Associates to thank them for everything they have done for me. -Rachel Andersen Spring 2018

The entire KADDI team want nothing more than for you to be successful. They're committed to giving you the best possible experience to help prepare you for the future. Without the KADDI, I would not have the knowledge or the confidence to start my own consultant dietitian firm. -- Gavin Spring 2018

I thought KADDI had such great communication and flexibility, especially for a distance program. I always received an email or call back whenever I had questions! I really appreciated all the work the staff did for our class. (Anonymous Spring 2018)

I felt like the distance program was perfect for me. The program was flexible and prior assessed learning allowed me to not worry so much about assignments and enjoy/learn from each rotation without stress. Several of my preceptors complimented my program and Patti. They said that they had never had such a great distance intern and program coordinator seemed to genuinely care about performance of the intern. I will continue to encourage students to apply to KADDI. --- Lindsay Crowder (Spring 2018)

When I walked into my rotation on the first day, the preceptor complimented the program. He said that he has been a preceptor in the past, and never did he have a program that has been so organized and also provided for him such a good curriculum. He says that he normally is not sure what the goals are and this time he feels he feels more ready to help and educate me (which I can clearly see). Thank you!  Gila (KADDI intern summer 2018 - submitted 9/9/18

KADDI provided me with an unprecedented internship experience. From the staff and support to the challenging curriculum, I feel that I am prepared to begin my career as a dietitian. Jessica Gardner 4/16/2018

This program has been so wonderful! Patti does a great job checking in on her interns and making everyone's situation works out. - Madison Smith 4/16/2018

KADDI was a perfect fit for me! The help of everyone involved was amazing and I felt supported throughout my experience.--Emily Bumgarner 4/16/18

KADDI is a great program if you are interested in following a non- traditional career path. In addition to learning fundamental skills, you also get to develop important characteristics to become more self-driven and explore your creativity. I am so happy that a program like KADDI exists because it helped give me the start I needed to becoming an entrepreneur that no other program could have. - Rita K. Saeed 4/16/18

"Great Leadership- Staff is extremely supportive which takes the stress away and allows you to focus on the internship" Tiffone 4/16/18

I have absolutely loved being an intern for KADDI. They are so willing to work with you to make sure you are learning and have a great experience. Patti worked with me to help me find a clinical preceptor and thankful I was able to go to Grove, Oklahoma to do so with one of the dietitians at Keith and Associates. The staff is so encouraging and truly cares about your well being and experience. I loved that it was a distance internship because I could set it up however it worked best for me, which was super nice! I would recommend anyone applying for an internship to apply for KADDI! Thanks for all you've done KADDI team! -Allie Mataloni 4/16/18

The program is awesome simply because of the internship director, Dr. Patti Landers, very professional and still down to earth, a very good role model for all entering the profession 4/16/18

The KADDI program has allowed me to complete my supervised practice hours in the area I want to live and work in. This allowed me to network with dietitians in the area and has been valuable in looking for future employment. 4/18/18

The KADDI internship was a positive and supportive experience that has given the confidence and tools I need to prepare for the RD exam. The program design and facilitation is a true testament to Patti and Sandra's commitment and passion to the profession. Shiela Ryan Fall '17. 4/21/18

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete my internship with Keith & Associates, it was an incredible experience. 4/23/18