KADDI uses the following selection criteria when ranking applicants.


Element Points   Comment
aptitude exam score 70    
overall GPA 10    
DPD GPA 10    
science GPA 10    
Cs in dietetic courses 0   points are subtracted
personal statement 5    
experience / education 10   work, volunteer experience, advanced degree,  DTR credential
references  5    (points subtracted if poor)
supplemental application  5    


Why does KADDI use an aptitude exam?

We want to select interns who are likely to be successful in passing the RD exam. There are circumstances in which an intern's grades are not as high as they desire. By using an aptitude exam we can get a better sense of actual preparation in the DPD program. Our exam is administered online. It has 100 questions and is structured like the RDN exam with 25% domain I (principles of dietetics), 40% domain II (nutrition care of groups and individuals), 21% domain III (management) and 14% domain IV (foodservice). The exam is timed with a total of 100 minutes allowed.

When and how is the exam administered?'

About a week after materials are due to DICAS, KADDI will send out a link to all individuals who have submitted a complete supplemental applications. 

Successful applicants generally score >70% on the online aptitude exam and have >100 total points.