If you accept an appointment to the KADDI program here is what you can expect.

Within 24 hours of your appointment:

  • Accept appointment by email 
  • Receive an enrollment agreement
  • Receive a copy of the student handbook

After accepting your appointment

  • Intern must return signed enrollment agreement
  • Payment of $5,375 may be paid by check (send by U.S. standard mail) or credit card (3.5% convenience fee added to credit card payments)

Within two weeks after matching

  • KADDI will send you a copy of your signed enrollment agreement and a receipt for your payment
  • Intern will receive information about required immunizations and training; note: you must also have a flu shot given after August 1
  • KADDI will initiate background check (note: some facilities may require additional background checks and fingerprinting)
  • KADDI will screen facilities submitted by intern for appropriateness (if you are a second round match and this was not already done during the application review period)
  • KADDI will begin to execute affiliation agreements with facilities and preceptors 

Within six weeks of program start

  • Intern will receive information about Livin' on Tulsa Time orientation which is held in Tulsa, OK
  • KADDI reserves a block of rooms at a hotel within walking distance of our office building in downtown Tulsa
  • KADDI will send all students preorientation assignments; completed work will be uploaded to an electronic course management platform

Within one month of program start, intern must have completed and provide evidence to KADDI of:

  • Physical exam (submit doctor's letter or form to KADDI stating you are in general good health and able to participate in the internship); this is required by most facilities in their affiliation contracts
  • Negative tuberculosis skin test or negative chest Xray (note some facilities may require two negative TB tests done at least one week apart)
  • All vaccinations and have submitted completed immunization form and titers if required by the facility (MMR, varicella, Hep B, influenza)
  • ServSafe manager certification (required by many food service rotations plus this will help you on the RD exam)
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support (most facilities require AHA BLS - Red Cross is not acceptable)
  • Please note:  some facilities require us to provide information about immunizations and basic life support when executing affiliation agreements - the sooner you get this information to KADDI, the better 
  • Some facilities may also require fingerprinting, additional drug screen and/or background checks

Program start date

  • Your program starts BEFORE orientation in Tulsa and includes 120 hours supervised practice in the preorientation rotation assignments
  • Part-time students begin six weeks prior to orientation
  • Full-time students begin three weeks prior to orientation


  • Orientation goes from 8:30 am Monday until noon on Thursday and attendance is mandatory
  • Make second tuition payment of $5,375
  • Activities build on the preorientation assignments
  • Earn 12 hours supervised practice with simulation exercises during orientation
  • RD Exam Review study materials to take home
  • You may want to share a room with another intern to save expenses
  • KADDI will provide lunch on Monday, but all other meals are on your own

Have other questions about what to expect? Call the program director at (918) 574-8598 or email KADDI@consultingdietitians.com

Immunizations and Background Check form for KADDI

This form must be submitted to KADDI after matching so the program can do a background check and have immunizations on file. This is required for us to execute affiliation agreements for you.