Before orientation, KADDI interns must

  • Submit to a full background check, criminal history, sexual predatory registry verification, 5-panel drug screen (KADDI pays for this)
  • Physical examination (you pay for this)
  • Have full vaccination coverage as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( (you pay for this)
  • Complete all paperwork as required for placement in supervised placement facilities.
  • Obtain American Heart Association Basic Life Support certificate (cost about $50)
  • Be ServSafe® certified. If you do not already have the certification, you may find out about it at Cost for an online testing voucher is currently $36. Some states require students to attend training in an organized class. Oklahoma does not. You may find out about your state of residence on the ServSafe® website.
  • Have a legal driver’s license and auto insurance if you will be driving
  • Show documentation of legal right to work or study in the United States
  • Show proof of medical insurance (this is your expense)
  • Provide an original verification statement from an accredited didactic program In dietetics (after your DPD graduation but before you start KADDI)