Start your own business!

KADDI is special because the program concentration is business and entrepreneurship. Whether you aspire to start your own business or go to work in a traditional setting, you can learn skills here that are useful to promote yourself and good nutrition.

Kinds of businesses you might start include:

  • consulting in health care facilities
  • private practice for MNT by physician referral
  • corporate wellness
  • food and fitness coaching
  • telehealth
  • ServSafe training and proctoring
  • restaurant menu analysis and recipe development
  • working with major food and supply vendors
  • women's networking groups
  • dietitians in alternative medicine practices
  • contract development and legal support
  • speaker and media expert
  • author/writer
  • food blogger
  • technology and social media
  • lactation consultant
  • grocery store dietitian
  • health coach
  • whatever can you dream!

KADDI B&E Concentration Rotation Manual (10-26-18)

Here is the KADDI B&E curriculum. More than one KADDI graduate has used the business plan they developed here to jump start their own business!