Feel confident you'll pass on your first try!

We want you to pass the national registry exam to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on your FIRST TRY!

To help prepare you for the exam:

  1. The program purchases and provides each intern with a review program to use in studying for the exam.
  2. During your application period you will take an aptitude exam that is structured like the RD exam (25% domain I, 40% domain II, 21% domain III and 14% domain IV). The program will tell you your score. If you are appointed, KADDI will give you a detailed breakdown of your score during orientation week - this is to help you study for the RD exam more effectively.
  3. The program will give you review quizzes during the internship.
  4. At the end of the third major rotation but before you begin the business and entrepreneurship concentration (4-weeks) you are required to take another COMPETENCY EXAM. If you pass it, you start the final 4-week rotation.
  • If you do not score 70% on the competency exam, you will be required to study for one week and take another exam.
  • If you do not score 70% on the second competency exam, KADDI allows you to start the business and entrepreneurship rotation. However you need to study because you will take the exam one more time before we award your verification statement at program completion.