Get credit for what you have learned during job or volunteer experience!

Please make prior assessed learning (PAL) requests prior to enrollment in the program.  The applicant must submit the KADDI PAL form and fill it in completely. PAL credit will not be awarded for learning that was assigned as part of a DPD. This would be “double counting” hours and is inappropriate. Learning that is part of an educational program that took place after the DPD verification statement was awarded would be considered (e.g. research project done for M.S. degree credit). The application should include a letter from an individual (such as a supervisor) at each named experience where learning has occurred or a job description. The letter should include dates of employment and a list of job responsibilities that resulted in experiential learning (if a job description is not available). The applicant should describe and if available, submit examples of completed tasks that provide evidence that the learning has occurred. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Recipes (standardized, tested, evaluated)
  • Menus
  • Special events (e.g. catered events that included menu, production plan, costing, etc.)
  • Plate waste studies
  • Safety, sanitation or quality audits
  • Training sessions that the applicant has prepared and led (e.g. employee in-service)
  • Lesson plans for group teaching with how outcomes were evaluated
  • Educational handouts or other materials
  • Nutrition education delivered
  • Nutrition counseling delivered with strategies used (e.g. trans theoretical model, etc.)
  • Community outreach activities
  • Examples of federal, state, institutional regulations they have followed (may have occurred in WIC, long-term care facilities, hospitals, etc.)

The program director will evaluate PAL requests and provide feedback within three weeks of receipt. The internship awards PAL credit in lieu of assignments in the curriculum. Generally, up to 400 of the 1212 (33%) supervised practice hours may be granted as PAL. However, individuals who have within the past five years attained state licensure as a dietitian or nutritionist by taking and passing the Commission for Dietetic Registration’s (CDR) RDN exam may be granted up to 900 hours PAL credit. The applicant must complete the PAL application. In addition they must provide evidence that they took and passed the CDR exam administered by Pearson Vue (e.g. a copy of the results with their passing score).  This policy applies to individuals in states such as New York, Florida, Nebraska and others whose licensure boards contract with CDR to administer the test.

Although it is not required, the individual who is awarded PAL credit may elect to redirect the supervised practice hours into another area of interest and KADDI will execute affiliation agreements.  However, if the student elects this option, it is the intern’s responsibility to

  • Submit a plan for the experience to the program director,
  • Recruit an acceptable preceptor in an appropriate facility (if applicable),
  • Provide the contact information needed for establishing an affiliation agreement, and
  • Furnish the internship with an updated rotation calendar
  • There will be no additional tuition or fees charged by KADDI if the student completes the program on time

A $50 fee will be charged for evaluation of Prior Assessed Learning (PAL) portfolio. This fee must be submitted with the completed PAL form for review. To pay the fee by credit card, call Crystal Dake at 918-585-3045. To mail a check or money order, send it to:

KADDI, 115 W. 3rd Street, Suite 800, Tulsa, OK 74103

KADDI Prior Assessed Learning Policy and Evaluation Form

Download and complete this form to apply for prior assessed learning credit. There is a $50 fee for review of your application. The form tells how to make this payment.