Get credit for your experience!

An applicant with significant experience in an area of dietetics prior to beginning the internship program may be given credit for supervised practice hours toward program completion.  We especially encourage applicants with masters degrees or who have earned the NDTR credential and have significant work or volunteer experiences to apply.

You must submit evidence demonstrating which of the competencies you feel you have mastered through prior learning. This could include a portfolio of projects (curriculum or education materials developed), a job description (e.g. food service director at a school) or letters from previous supervisors. Competence will be evaluated individually. If interested in this option, please download the form below, complete it and Email your completed form and supporting documents to

Please note that KADDI will not consider experiences obtained in the DPD coursework for prior assessed learning credit. This would be like double counting hours in the DPD and DI programs and that is inappropriate. 

Completing this application is not required to apply to the program.

KADDI Prior Assessed Learning Policy and Evaluation Form (06-06-18)

Here are the KADDI policies and a form to use.

Sample PAL

Here is an example of how the prior assessed learning form should be completed.