Application and Admission Requirements

Please do not apply to both full- and part-time programs. We will give you whichever you prefer if you match.

Procedures and requirements are the same for all interns, whether enrolled full- or part-time. Interns electing the full-time track are expected to dedicate 40 hours per week onsite. Part-time interns are expected to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week onsite. There will be additional work and assignment reports that will need to be done at home.

KADDI participates in both spring and fall match cycles through the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Service (DICAS) and DND Digital. The DICAS website is accessed at Their email is The online application must be completed by 11:59 pm central standard time on February 15 for the April match and by September 25 for the November match. The fee to use DICAS is $45 for the first application submitted and $20 for each additional application.

Applicants must also register with DND Digital at Cost is $55 payable by a VISA/MASTERCARD with a USA billing address.

The Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship does not charge a fee for applicants to take the aptitude exam or to review applications for admission.

If unfilled positions remain after the first round, the program will participate in second round matching. During that period, KADDI will also accept applications from individuals who did not submit through DICAS (e.g. if someone applied only to an internship or future education model program that does not utilize DICAS and was not matched).

If you have questions about how to apply to KADDI, contact the director at (918) 574-8598 or email

Qualifications for Applicants

Required Qualifications

  • Grade point average in nutrition courses of ≥ 3.0/4.0 scale
  • Original verification statement from accredited DPD program in dietetics (may be delivered after graduation if DPD is in progress)
  • Bachelor's degree or higher. Official transcript from university with highest earned degree posted on it (may be delivered after graduation if DPD is in progress)
  • Aptitude Exam
    • All applicants are required to take an online aptitude exam. By February 22 (spring match) or October 1 (fall match), the program will send out information to all applicants who have submitted applications to KADDI in DICAS
    • Those applying for second round match will also be required to take the exam
    • Applicants will have one week to take the exam
    • The exam was developed by KADDI staff and is not validated. Used for screening purposes, it has 100 questions from four knowledge domains: principles of dietetics (25%), nutrition care of individuals and groups (40%), management (21%) and foodservice (14%). You may need a calculator.
    • One hour and 40 minutes are allowed for the exam. If an applicant has received special accommodation for extended testing time and can provide documentation, the program will honor the request
    • The program will review applications for those who score ≥ 65% on the exam. 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Grades of B or better in all nutrition and dietetics major courses
  • Total GPA ≥ 3.0/4.0 scale
  • Work or volunteer experience
  • NDTR credential for applicants who are three or more years from earning the DPD verification statement.

Supplemental Materials to include with DICAS application

Applicants are required to identify their own preceptors and facilities in the area in which they desire to do rotations, usually where their home is located. The Keith & Associates legal department will execute affiliation agreements with the student’s chosen preceptors and facilities after the student is accepted into the program.

In addition to required elements of the DICAS submission, KADDI requires the additional items listed below. All forms are available on this page for download. After you complete them, save as .PDF files and include with your DICAS application.


1. Rotation schedule

  • Download the rotation schedule template at the bottom of this page. Choose either the full- or part-time schedule worksheet (do not submit both). You must use the KADDI form
  • Arrange rotations in any order
  • Rotations may be split
  • The Excel schedule sheet has an example worksheet attached to it and one for you to fill out with your proposed schedule
  • Save your proposed schedule worksheet as a .PDF file and include it with your DICAS application
  • Please file the Excel spreadsheet in a place you can find it. If you match the KADDI program we will want you to send it to us so we do not have to re-create it.

2. Preceptor information

  • Download the KADDI preceptor form at the bottom of this page. Submit one for each preceptor you will use (more can be added later if there are several preceptors at one site who will be doing evaluations for you). If the preceptor has worked with KADDI before, include the form anyway. We need to know that their name, address, phone and email are unchanged. You will need this information, too.
  • Evidence of continued competency appropriate to teaching responsibilities. This may be through professional work experience, graduate education, continuing education, research or other activities leading to professional growth in the advancement of their profession. Examples of appropriate evidence include: current CDR card or CDR professional portfolio log for RDNs or NDTRs. Certified Dietary Manager card, ServSafe® or Manage First® certificate, Executive Chef or Culinary Administrator certificate, resume listing education, employment history and continuing education for past 7 years.
  • A copy of any state or federal licensure required for their job (e.g. in Oklahoma dietitians must be licensed, however in California the state does not require it). The preceptor will know this and there is a blank for them to fill out on the KADDI form

3. Facility information

  • Submit a completed KADDI facility form for each place you intend to complete  rotation sites
  • We must have the contact information for the person responsible for signing legal contracts for students who do rotations there
  • You do not need to get an affiliation agreement - KADDI will do this on your behalf
  • If the facility wants to take care of an affiliation contract before they agree to accept you as an intern, email the program director at Our staff will handle it.


You may wait until after you are matched to KADDI before you submit all required information for the business and entrepreneurship rotation. The facility and preceptor forms and evidence of competency appropriate to precepting responsibilities must be sent to KADDI a minimum of 8 weeks prior to when you schedule the rotation. 

AFTER MATCHINGIf you need to make a change (site, preceptor, date of rotation) for any reason, you must update your rotation schedule, submit all required forms and have the change approved by the program director before you are allowed to go to a new site. 

KADDI allows interns to add rotation sites and preceptors after matching as long as we are able to get the affiliation agreements executed before the intern starts there. This can take some time. Do not tell us on Friday and expect to go there the next week!

Facility Form

Complete this form for each place you will go during the internship. Be sure it has the name and contact information for the person responsible for affiliation agreements. KADDI will get the contract.

Preceptor Form

All preceptors must complete this form and provide evidence of continued competency appropriate to precepting responsibilities (examples given on the form) and copy of their license if applicable.

2020 January FT Rotation Schedule and Example Calendar

Download this calendar if you are applying in fall 2019 match for the full time class that begins in January 2020. Complete it and save as a .PDF file and include it with your application in DICAS.

2020 Summer FT Rotation Spreadsheet and Example Calendar

Download this calendar if you are applying in spring 2020 match for the full time class that begins in August, 2020. Complete it and save as a .PDF file and include it with your application in DICAS.

2020 Summer PT Rotation Spreadsheet and Example Calendar

Download this calendar if you are applying in spring 2020 match for the part time class that begins in July, 2020. Complete it and save as a .PDF file and include it with your application in DICAS.

KADDI Prior Assessed Learning Policy and Evaluation Form

Download and complete this form to apply for prior assessed learning credit. There is a $50 fee for review of your application. The form tells how to make this payment.