Program Description

The Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship program (KADDI) is a post-baccalaureate supervised practice experience designed to allow qualified individuals to become registry-eligible with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. There are five rotations with expected program completion in 32 weeks for full-time (FT) program or 63 weeks for part-time (PT) program.

  • virtual pre-orientation is done at home and you earn 117 supervised practice hours doing case studies and simulations (3 wks FT or 6 wks PT)
  • orientation - all interns come to Tulsa, OK (Monday - Thursday noon)
  • food service management - 8 weeks FT or 16weeks PT
  • medical nutrition therapy - 8 weeks FT or 16 weeks PT
  • community nutrition - 8 weeks FT or 16 weeks PT
  • entrepreneurship concentration where you learn to plan your own business lasts 4 weeks FT and 8 weeks PT

Students are required to identify their own preceptors and facilities in the area in which they desire to do rotations, usually where their home is located. The Keith & Associates legal department will execute affiliation agreements with the student’s chosen preceptors and facilities after the student is accepted into the KADDI.

Keith & Associates contracts with a web-based service to track time and attendance, student and preceptor evaluations, completion of competencies, and for on-line testing. Keith & Associates follows U.S. Department of Education Guidance Issued on Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services. The program takes precautions to ensure intern privacy and positively identify interns during distance learning and testing.

KADDI is sponsored by Keith & Associates, a dietetic consulting firm that provides nutritional services to more than 275 nursing homes, hospices, assisted living facilities, hospitals, Headstart programs, dialysis centers, daycare centers, acute care centers, group homes, schools, job corps, industry and prisons as well as over 300 DHS clients. Sandra Keith, MPH, RD, LD started the company in 1996. There are currently 18 associate dietitians who work full- or part-time.

The KADDI program director is Patti Landers, PhD, RD, LD, FAND. Dr. Landers is very experienced and was awarded Professor Emeritus status from the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. While there she served as director of the dietetic internship program as well as the didactic and coordinated programs.

KADDI Summary Sheet (5-18-18)

Here is a summary of the whole program.


This document recommends types of facilities and gives an overview of assignments for the clinical rotation which is to be done in an inpatient or residential (skilled nursing center) setting.


Here is information about the food service management rotation


This document recommends types of facilities and gives an overview of assignments for the community rotation.

KADDI B&E Concentration Rotation Manual 2019-2020

Most interns choose an RDN in private practice as preceptor for business and entrepreneurship. However, any person qualified and willing to mentor you in developing a business plan can work.